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Piano Tuning

Sutton Pianos are dedicated to providing high quality piano tuning services to the Petersfield, Alton and Farnham areas. Take a look below to find out what I specialise in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to book an appointment.

Sutton Pianos Piano Tuning, Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning  £80.00

This is a standard tuning, that is generally advised for your piano to have done every six to twelve months​, to minimise any damage from changing temperatures that may affect the strings.


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Pitch Raise Sutton Pianos - Piano Tuning and Repairs

Pitch Raise

If your piano is significantly out-of-tune it will require a pitch raise. This will cost more than the standard fine tuning fee depending on its condition.

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Broken Piano/ Sutton Pianos call out fee Image by Mick De Paola

Call Out Fee  £80.00

On the very rare occasion that a piano cannot be tuned, due to it's condition. A call-out fee will be charged.

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