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Grand Piano

Piano Servicing

With a wide range of services that suits your every need and requirement, I have the know-how and expertise to get your piano sounding its best. Let me know how I can help you and I’ll make sure your entire experience working with me goes as smoothly as possible. I love to hear from my customers, so feel free to contact me with your feedback.

Piano Regulating, Sutton Pianos - Piano Tuning and Repair

Piano Regulation
From £80.00

As a Piano technician I can regulate any piano and adjust all of the parts so that they operate uniformly and efficiently. The greatest difference between a new and a used piano is that the parts in the used piano have become worn and no adjustments have been made to compensate for the wear.

Piano Hammers Sutton Pianos.jpeg

Piano Voicing
From £80.00

Piano voicing is the process of adjusting the density of the felts covering the hammers striking the string to produce a warmer or brighter tone. Sometimes over the years the hammer felts on a piano can harden, thus making some notes sound harsher than others. Once the piano has been voiced the tone will now sound more in unison.

Sutton Pianos - Piano Tuning and Repair, Piano Cleaning

Piano Cleaning
From £80.00

A full piano clean, including action and soundboard, is recommended every 5 - 10 years to protect your instrument from harm caused by the environment. This also helps to assess the condition of the instrument’s action in order to discover and rectify any problems at an early stage. 

Piano Repair Specialist

I am committed to customer satisfaction, and know the importance of doing exceptional work. My services have helped countless customers with their repair needs. Learn more about what I can offer below.

Piano action repair, Sutton Pianos - Piano Tuning and Repairs

Action Repair

As a Piano technician I am able to repair and align the action by adjusting the hammers so they strike the strings properly. But sometimes very old or worn-down parts or the entire assembly may need to be replaced. I try to carry piano parts with me for immediate on-site repairs so that I can provide a fast and efficient repair service.

Piano Stringing Sutton Pianos.jpeg

String Replacement

Just like a guitar sometimes a piano string can break or snap. This is normally due to the age and strength of the string. At Sutton Pianos I will measure, match and source a replacement for your broken string. I also sometimes carry a full range of piano strings which I can tailor make on-site to fit most pianos.

Knight Piano Restoration.jpeg

Renovation and Rebuild

The repair prices vary depending on the amount of work required. I will examine the piano and give a price estimate based on the repairs that are needed. I also have a workshop for larger repair jobs. Sutton Pianos offers a competitive pricing with reliable and expert services.

Piano Repair Specialist
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